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Welcome to Bambina's Soul. The ins and outs of my brain working and passion flowing will now be spilled onto the pages of the internet.I'm not an avid blog reader nor do I write a lot so this shall be very interesting to say the least. Who is this girl behind the name Bambina? You may or may not be wondering, but guess what, you will know now.

Recently I did a stint on a popular reality cooking show.It features a sometimes scary Scottish man, a well dressed intimidating Italian, and an ex cuddly Chicagoan.If you dont know what I'm talking about Google these phrases and I'm sure their pictures will pop up next to the definition.Long story short,just as we all suspected reality tv is as real as Santa Clause coming down the chimney to eat your cookies.My blueberry pie lipstick was so sweet, some of it got in my pie and I got sent home. This was definitely not the end of Bambina, but it also isnt the beginning, its somewhere in the middle of so much more to come.

Anyways, this food journey of mine started many years ago.I've always been a greedy person and naturally that evolved into my love for cooking.I went to school for journalism to become a sports journalist with hopes of a hot ahthlete making me his trophy wife. Fortunately I grew up and realized I can be my own trophy and that my skills in the kitchen would get me there.

I grew up cooking mostly for my little brothers and my friends.One night I made lasagna for my crew and one of my guy friends made the mistake of telling his mom I made the best lasagna he ever had. Lets just say somehow our prom pictures went missing and thank God we never worked out, she was too many kinds of crazy! Time and time again as years went by I was continuously told that I made the best food people ever had . I even taught my girlfriends how to cook to get a man , and even snagged my own somewhere in between that. In between all of this I didn’t finish school and ended up working as a waitress.

Being a waitress was the best and worst experience. The best sides of it were meeting wonderful people that enjoyed food as much as myself. I also learned a lot about food in those years by being able to taste things I probably wouldn’t normally buy or make at home. I couldn’t wait to go home and recreate and make it my own. I did this for many years in many types of restaurants and it has helped me build my food knowledge as well as wine and cocktails. Most would think the bad part about being a waitress would be crazy customers, in reality it’s the crazy ex-military chef or the power hungry woman manager that ruins the experience. Ive run into a few crazies and that is what drove me to become Bambina.

Finally, after all this you get to meet her! Bambina is my chef alter-ego born in Cincinnati in 2012. She was born out of being tired of tyranical individuals vowing to make her life a living hell. Like a diamond the pressure built her up and made her shine in her own eyes enough to make a change and follow her dreams. ( ok enough of the weird third person ) I created my company Bambina Soul with a couple hundred dollars, the support of my love, because he would be supporting the bills lol , and the desire to succeed. Im a fusion baby so naturally I wanted to honor my heritage and my style of cooking. Bambina means little Italian Girl and Soul Food represents the black community , so Bambina Soul represents me a little Italian girl with soul! There have been many ups, downs, and relapse of direction but Bambina Soul is here to stay!


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